Hope Pregnancy Center of Taylor County

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319 E. Maple Street
Campbellsville, KY 42718

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Free Services

  • Pregnancy Testing*
  • Confidential Care-Giving
  • Fetal Development Information
  • The Hope Program (Learn to Earn)
  • Bible Study/ Peer Support Group
  • Adoption Information for Clients
  • Abstinence Education
  • Post-Abortion Support Information
  • Peer Support Counseling
  • Educational Resources: Pregnancy, Parenting, and more!
  • "New Parents" (Classes on Nutrition and other topics)

Maternity Clothes, Baby Food and Formula
are all given freely to clients
of the Hope Program as available!

Personal information is kept strictly confidential** (see exception)

*Pregnancy test is 99% accurate

**Information disclosed by clients that reveal instances of rape, abuse or any other form of illegal activity are reported to the proper authorities as required by law.